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120 years stronger than the sea

October 21, 2016 - Under the motto " 120 years stronger than the sea", Viktor Lenac celebrated its 120th anniversary hosting the highest officials, foreign guests, business partners and generations of former and current employees. The ceremony was attended by Heri Bezić - the Envoy of the President of the Republic of Croatia , His Excelency Anvar Azimov - the Ambassador of the Russian Federation, col. Robert Mathers - the Envoy of the US Embassy, Zlatko Komadina - the President of the Primorje and Gorski kotar County, Vojko Obersnel - the Mayor of the City of Rijeka, and Mirela Marunić - the Mayor of the municipality of Kostrena.

"The history of the Shipyard „Viktor Lenac“ largely reflects the history of Kostrena, Rijeka and Croatia. Viktor Lenac and this region have grown and evolved together. Lenac has travelled a long way from this small shipyard named Lazarus, situated in the port of Rijeka, which repaired fishing and merchant ships in the late 19th and early 20th century, to an important destination on the world map of leading shipyards. In these 120 years, changes in the environment and within the shipyard were dramatic, but there is one unchanging guiding principle of our existence - top quality, in a safe way, on time. And we do not compromise from these standards. Our reliability and commitment to excellence remains the key reason why our customers keep coming back and why our business partners are happy to do business with us. Operating results confirm this because, despite challenging times, the shipyard's revenues have been growing at a stable rate during the past 5 years and the shipyard is profitable. Even 98% of our revenue comes from abroad ranking us 25th of the most successful Croatian exporters in 2015. This can be done only with support and understanding of our shareholders. I would like to thank all of our employees and retirees, and our subcontractors for their contributions to what Lenac is today - an institution whose name is pronounced with respect, and a by-word for quality around the world, "said Aljoša Pavelin, President of the Management Board & CEO of Viktor Lenac Shipyard.

" Domestic shipbuilding industry, of which Viktor Lenac is a part, plays a prominent role in the national economy. By increasing domestic component this activity can be crucial to strengthening the Croatian economy ", the message is of Heri Bezić, the Croatian President's Envoy.

Zlatko Komadina, the President of the Primorje and Gorski kotar County recalled that Viktor Lenac through 120 years of its history nurtured generations of workers and their families and that has been one of its greatest achievements, and wished the employees and the management many more years of successful work.

"Viktor Lenac has always been a part of the city of Rijeka. Even after moving to Kostrena's Martinšćica bay, we continued to perceive Lenac as Rijeka's shipyard. Its role in the Croatian shipbuilding and support to Croatian shipping industry is irreplaceable, "said Vojko Obersnel , the Mayor of the city of Rijeka and congratulated all the employees on this special anniversary.

"Since moving to Kostrena's bay during the sixties, Viktor Lenac breathe with us, for better or worse. Besides its own workers, the shipyard indirectly employs a full range of sub-contractors who are our fellow citizens, and is an indispensable factor in our economic and social life. On behalf of the municipality of Kostrena, I would like to congratulate you on your 120th anniversary, "said Mirela Marunić, the Mayor of the municipality of Kostrena.

Aljoša Pavelin, President of the Management Board & CEO of Viktor Lenac Shipyard, pointed out that Viktor Lenac is optimistic about the future and ready for new challenges. Lenac has been awarded a contract worth $ 32 million for a 179-day dry docking and overhaul of the US Navy's 6th Fleet flagship USS MOUNT WHITNEY (LCC 20). The ship will undergo the 3rd stage of its scheduled life-cycle maintenance to extend the life of this 1970s era command ship till 2039. This contract will ensure financial stability and high occupancy rates. Since 2011, the US Navy's Military Sealift Command entrusted the USS MOUNT WHITNEY projects to Viktor Lenac Shipyard for 4 times. Futhermore, with installation of BWT systems on 3 Russian tankers, Lenac is returning to the Russian market where it has not been for several years. The potential of the Russian market is huge, and the attendance of the Russian Ambassador to our celebration suggests that the shipyard has a serious intention to take advantage of this potential. Also, thanks to the yard's infrastructure, qualified workers and expert engineers Lenac can carry out the most demanding and complex conversion projects, and will seek to win more projects in this field through intensifed direct sales.

The culmination of the spectacular celebration program was an attractive performance of fire dancers and drummers featuring yard's workers inspired by sounds and lights of hard work in the shipbuilding.