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Successful cooperation with Italy's TM International group

April 24, 2017 - Viktor Lenac Shipyard has successfully delivered two Ship to Shore Container cranes for the Italy’s TM International group, for their final destination at the Port of Koper. The Shipyard was providing assistance during assembly and load-out of the two largest STS cranes designed for unloading container ships of up to 20,000 TEU.

On an area of 15,000 sqm equipped for heavy loads, including a berth for heavy lift ships, the Shipyard engaged 35 workers specially trained to work at height (welders, fitters, electricians, anti-corrosive paint workers) as well as specialised workers for in-situ machining.

The client was extremely pleased with the exceptional service they received from the Shipyard, especially in terms of workmanship, quality and speed of work, including transport infrastructure which enabled quick delivery of materials. This successful cooperation is likely to continue in the future.

Technical Data:

Type: Ship to Shore Container crane

Size: Megamax

Height: 87 m

Loa: 115 m

Weight without ballast: 1,300 t

Concrete ballast: approx. 120 cum

Outreach: above 53 m (24 rows of containers)

Lift height: 40 m +

Safe working load: 40-50 t single; 65 t twin; 100 t tandem