• Project category: Conversions
  • Project name: K3000
  • Year: 1999
  • Vessel's type: Pipe layer
  • Owner: Hays Ships/DSND
  • Description:
    Kommandor 3000 is the conversion of a rov support vessel into a pipe laying vessel. It was redelivered in July 1999.

    It was installed total 1800 tons of new steel, of which a pipelay deck weighing 350 tons of steel, new parallel mid-body section 20,91 m long and 21 m wide weighing 325 tons of steel, new blister section (220t) and new main deck (80t).

    The shipyard constructed sheaves for guiding pipes and a retractable stern hydraulic platform and installed hydraulic power packs and pipelines and the complete sophisticated pipelaying process equipment comprising of 2 special umbilical winches (4x4000m umbilical pipes), 200/100/50/30t winches, 3 tensioners each having 55t tension force, 2 cranes (30t), carousels (16m rack diameter, 1500t capacity), a 200t stern A frame and miscellaneous devices and equipment for pipelaying process control.

    In the two new-built engine rooms four Diesel A/Es, one incinerator, two funnels, one 1000KW bow thruster and one 1800KW VROS propeller were installed. All ship's systems were upgraded and all new-constructed ship's spaces were outfitted.

    Main particulars:
                                   Before conversion      After conversion
    Length overall:             85.52 m                    118.37 m
    Breadth:                       18 m                          21 m
    Maximum draught:      4.6 m                          4.9 m
    DWT:                          2,609 t                        3,400 t



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