• Project category: Conversions
  • Project name: SEMINOLE
  • Year: 2011
  • Vessel's type: Crane-Pipe Laying Vessel
  • Owner: Subsea Oil Services (part of Micoperi Srl), Italy
  • Description:
    The shipyard built and outfitted a complete new superstructure weighing some 450 tons, including accommodations for 250 crew members, based on design and workshop drawings produced by the shipyard’s design team. The conversion project included extensive repairs and hull renewal.

    Conversion Works:
    - Old superstructure completely removed and scrapped
    - Superstructure design and workshop drawings produced
    - New superstructure module built and outfitted for 250 crew members on turn-key system
    - Service spaces below main deck aft modified and outfitted
    - New tunnel for the REMACUT equipment on main deck fabricated, installed and outfitted
    - Complete navigation and communication equipment installed

    Ship Repair Works:
    - Total new built-in steel on hull is 1,500 t (main deck, shell plating and tanks)
    - 750 t Clyde crane overhaul (carpentry part)
    - New anchor racks fabricated and installed, mooring elements rearranged
    - New wood fenders and main deck lining fabricated and installed
    - Ballast pipeline renewed
    - Provisions cranes (2 units) installed
    - Installed mechanical part of the REMACUT pipe lay system
    - New foundations for the REMACUT equipment fabricated and installed
    - Helideck carpentry works
    - Docking, complete overhaul of tailshaft, propeller and steering nozzles
    - Complete repair of cold provision stores
    - Complete anti-corrosion treatment of shell plating, main deck, superstructure, ballast tanks and fresh water tanks
    - Afloat installation of speed log transducer


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