• Project category: Conversions
  • Project name: SHCV SAMPSON
  • Year: 2012
  • Vessel's type: Crane and Pipelay Vessel
  • Owner: CVI Global Lux Oil and Gas 4 S.A.R.L.
  • Description:
    Length OA (mld): 180.00 m
    Length LWL: 168.00 m
    Breadth mld: 32.00 m
    Depth mld (Upper deck): 12.00 m
    Design draft: 7.50 m
    Scantling draft: 7.50 m
    Crew: 308

    • Aft cargo holds converted into two Engine rooms with 3 Gensets  each
    • Fresh water tanks converted into two Thruster rooms with Retractable Azimuth Thrusters
    • Forward cargo hold converted into an A&R winch room
    • Void space converted into a Drive room with Variable Frequency Drive units, Transformers and other electrical equipment
    • Installation of three 125 tonne capacity Tensioners, two 100 tonne Track supports, two 60 tonne Tracks supports and other Remacut pipelay equipment
    • New Pipelay enclosure fabrication, instalation and outfitting
    • Installation of 700 m of Monorails and rails for Welding Trolleys
    • Fabrication, installation and outfitting of A-Frame
    • Fabrication, outfitting and installation of 50 m long stinger and associated equipment. Wire spooling
    • DP reference system relocation
    • Existing vessel swimming pool converted into Gymnasium.  Accommodation modifications
    • Existing Fuel oil tanks modified to create Fuel oil settling tanks within
    • HVAC for all new spaces
    • HP compressed air system installation and modification of existing
    • Installation of Gas service piping
    • Docking and hull painting
    • Total new built-in steel (without Stinger) 1,300 t


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