m/y Christina O.

  • Project category: Conversions
  • Project name: m/y Christina O.
  • Year: 2001
  • Vessel's type: Luxury yacht
  • Owner: Christina Shipping, Greece
  • Description:
    The lengendary yacht began her new era after an extensive refurbishment and repowering project carried out in Viktor Lenac shipyard. The approach was to keep the image of the former ship with its original external splendor and internal luxury. The aged ship's riveted hull built in 1943 was renewed with more than 600 tons of steel and aluminium. Total 40 tons of piping and 85 kms of cables was renewed. New machinery and propulsion system was installed including completely new engine room. New accommodations with 18 spacious luxuriously outfitted passenger cabins, 1 suite, bars, lounges and other passenger spaces were built and the swimming pool with the famous mosaic tiles was restored. The superyacht was outfitted with the most modern devices and equipment for comfort and safety of passengers and ship inclusive of the new heliport. At the Monte Carlo International Boat Show 2001, Viktor Lenac shipyard was awarded the Best Refit prize for this project.

    Main particulars
    Length: 99.0 m
    Breadth: 11.12 m
    Height to promenade deck: 7.47 m
    Draught: 4.20 m
    Speed: 18.6 knots


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